Company Info

Foundation : Myanmar 50% (ACE Data Systems 50%),
Japan 50% (Mitsuiwa Co.)
Establishment : 1st April 2016
Capital : $500,000
Headquarters : MICT Park, Yangon, Myanmar.


Chairman : U Thein Oo (ACE Data Systems Ltd. Chairman)
Managing Director : Relji Ramoto (President of Mitsuiwa Corporation)
Director : Zaw Moe Thant, Shigeru Morita


Consulting Services

ICT Services

Server Integration

Network Integration

Security Integration

System Maintenance
and Support

Outsourcing Services

Cyber Security Solution

Sales of Enterprise Hardware
and License Software

Services We do

We provide package solutions as follows:

File Server

- Basic Setting for file Server
- Create group and group policy for file Server
- Relational Setting with AD
- RAID setting (RAID 5)

Active Directory (AD)

- Basic Server Setting for AD
- Domain Setting
- Forest Setting
- Create user Group and Group policy
- PC domain setting (optional service)

Windows Service Update Server (WSUS)

- Basic setting for WSUS
- Windows OS and Office update setting
- Create client setting and user group setting
- Set up Windows PC setting (optional)

Exchange Server

- Basic Server Setting for Exchange Server
- Create mail Box (maximum 100 users)
- MX record and DNS Setting
- Relational Setting with AD

Zabbix Monitoring

- IT equipment should be monitored for customer operation to be stabled
- Zabbix can monitor CPU/Disk/Network usage with one Graphic user interface
- In addition, Zabbix can inform by email/mobile if it detects error message.